As you sow….. So you reap

Is the adage that is the guideline for the yield maximizing agricultural efforts at Shamayita Krishi Kendra.

It starts with educating farmers through workshops and training. Workshops and Training session form an important part of understanding the local issues and exchange of ideas between farmers and agricultural experts.

A workshop in progress at the Center:

Picture 979

Picture 179

The center assists farmers in - Selecting and providing the right quality seeds to farmers – seeds that can grow in the arid lateritic and acidic soil of Bankura and have the best risk/return profile.

Shamayita Krishi Kendra does Seed Germination tests for the farmers – to ensure that the seeds sown have the best chances of developing into produce.


Seed Germination Testing before sowing:

Picture 265


Picture 217

Seed Treatment before sowing:

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Nursery Bed preparation:

The center has successfully assisted farmers in implementing SRI technique for sowing of seeds. SRI method of sowing in the right situations has increased the yield by 25%.


SRI sowing in progress-


Shamayita Krishi Kendra is involved with the farmers from the start to the finish as it is found that such close involvement provides the best results.


Field Visit by Project Experts:

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Vegetable cultivation – hitherto not proactively practiced by farmers is one of the programs of Shamayita Krishi Kendra to help improve annual incomes.


Vegetable seed distribution-

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Field visit by Project experts:

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Trial Plot:

Picture 411

Tomato cultivation in Farmer’s field:

Picture 103

Cabbage cultivation in farmer’s field:


Cauliflower cultivation in farmer’s field:


Picture 244

Potato cultivation in farmer’s field:

Picture 234

Potato harvesting:

Picture 063

Potato grading for Selling:

Picture 052