Healthcare for the Poor

Good health is a prerequisite for carrying out one’s responsibilities in life. Disease and death are certain. What is required is access to quality healthcare when there is a need.

In our vast country, vast stretches of population do not have access to quality healthcare either due to lack of communication or due to lack of affordability.

Due to lack of access to healthcare there is high incidence of physical impairments –temporary and permanent for the afflicted. For the poor this is a double blow. Physical impairment – temporary or permanent reduces the earning capacity of an already poor family and increases the burden on the family in the form of patient care.

The vicious cycle for the poor and how it impacts their life: 

The Math has identified Healthcare as the second key area of intervention as a part of its social welfare activities.

The Math’s healthcare activities reach out to the beneficiaries through the hospital at the Math premises and mobile medical camps and have touched more than 150000 people in the villages they reach.

The Healthcare interventions have made a difference to the people of the villages that have received the benefits.