Project for Enhancing Livelihood means for poor farmers in 45 villages

With Dr Reddy's Lab foundation and Earnst & Young foundation

Starting March 2013 through October 2014, we have reached 2200 Beneficiary through interventions like Line transplanting technology in Paddy cultivation,  Improved Mustard and Vegetable cultivation, employment generation through  MGNREGS, Animal Husbandry on scientific lines etc.  

The project is being run in 45 villages coming under the  panchayats of Susunia, Lachmanpur, Banasuria in Bankura, West Bengal.

The specific project objectives set out were:

·         Productivity enhancement of major crops like Paddy & Maize to increase food security

·         Crop diversification through introduction of pulses and oilseeds

·         Ensure a steady cash flow through popularizing commercial vegetable cultivation

·         Create an alternate income generation source through promoting Animal husbandry

·         Ensure collaboration with Govt. Flagship programmes mainly with MGNREGS for social protection

A Farmer's Field School setup, has been doing the following:

Ø  The team visits the fields of farmers on a regular basis and conducts field level meeting with a group of farmers.

Ø   The main purpose is the extension of technologies through a participatory & trickle down approach along with grooming of local resource persons for future extension.

Ø   FFS is basically a virtual school in-situ where the farmers are given hand-on training on various productivity enhancement technologies with primary focus on learning by doing.

Ø  The FFS includes on-farm trails and demonstration, training and exposure of farmers, field day etc. 

A Training session for farmers:

Scientific Rearing of Animals :

The team consisting of para vets is regularly conducting the animal vaccination camps for diseases like FMD, PPR, HS & BQ, deworming of regular basis,etc.  In these camps season wise vaccination against all types of diseases are provided. Till the month of October 2014 we have reached out to 11453 animals in 45 villages.

Line transplanting of Paddy:

In two Kharif seasons we have reached 402 beneficiaries through interventions like Line transplantation  on 110 Acre of land. The average productivity gets increased by 40% in paddy cultivation along with reduced expenditure for inputs. 

A paddy field with Line Transplanting:

Exposure & Education

The project team has given exposure to 1200 people in various interventions in the year of 2013-14. The main objective of those exposures is to give them a practical understanding about the technology by which they are convinced about the advantages of those technologies

On Field Exposure and Education-