Rural Entrepreneurship Development

A training institute has been set up at the Shamayita Math premises to provide training to rural youth and women so that they can be self-employed and set up their own businesses.

This institute is set up in collaboration with United Bank of India and functions under the banner of UBSMRUDSETI. The training programs are all residential programs ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months duration.

Highlights of the activities of this institute since its inception in September 2008:

The institute conducts training programs in Fishery, Animal husbandry, Sustainable agriculture, Mushroom cultivation, Apiculture, Catering, Mobile repair, Battery making, Bamboo work and wood craft, Making brushes and flowers from locally available leaves, Motor winding and Electrical works, Electrical appliances repairing, Beauty treatments, Stitching and emnroidery etc.

These programs are aimed at transforming lives in rural areas by providing them with skills and knowledge required to earn on their own.

A key aspect of this arm is to follow-through with the program participants after the completion of program. The objective of the follow-through is to maximize the success rates of the program alumni.  Drop outs are very common and typically follow-up is maintained for a period of one year. The other rural development activities of the Math greatly help in this process as the project officers are in touch with the people through their various programs, as otherwise maintaining such follow-through for the center alone is challenging.


The follow-up process of the center is detailed and designed to maximize the success rates of program participants. The follow-up process came about because the participants of early programs were found to drop out from their efforts to set up their self-employed enterprise when they faced difficulties.

The Math has two centers under this program.

  • UBSMRUDSETI - Set up in collaboration with United Bank of India and NABARD. 
  • SDSETI – set up in collaboration with SAIL


Below are some photographs from actual training programs conducted:

Program on Fishery

Fishery 206

Program on Mushroom Cultivation

Fishery 102

Training on Bee-Keeping

fulkushma 22nd sept09 186


Program on Entrepreneurship Development

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