Volunteer with us – if your interest and pursuit matches with our activities

If you are an individual who is interested in involving yourself with the kind of work we do, you can be a volunteer with us.

Write to us. Spend some time with us.   

We have more than 30 volunteers working with us on a full time basis currently. We have volunteers who come and spend 2-6 months with us.

The multifaceted activities of Shamayita Math attracted a group of volunteers from Denmark to participatein the different social welfare activities. 2009 opened this new scope through arrival of LiseHagelund, anineteen year old student from Copenhagen who volunteered in Shamayita Convent School as a teacherfor a period of two months. Her mother, BenteHagelund, lawyer and a Rotarian in Copenhegen, duringher short stay for ten days was also impressed by humanitarian service for society. Returning to her countryshe arranged fund for surgical equipments for eye unit of Jeevansurya through a Matching Grant Project ofher Rotary Club. Their involvement with Shamayita Math motivated Anna Mia Steno, a 24 year student ofanthropology and SorenHagelund, a student of Civil Engineering to work as volunteers from Aug'09 toJan'10. Anne Mia, during her six months stay made a study on the students, ex-students, teachers of theschool to assess the impact of education rendered by the school on the rural girls. Encouraged by thephilosophy and service of Shamayita Math, they formed an organization 'Friends of Shamayita Math' inDenmark, thereby opening the scope for others to participate in the activities as fund raisers, volunteersand well wishers.