Celebrations & Events

Various Celebrations and Events dot our annual calendar and form an integral part of the activities of Shamayita Math.

Spiritual Discourses

One of the important aspects of societal development is development of 'Self'. A person with a developed'mind' and an 'awakened self' is only able to lead a stable, balanced and peaceful life. With an objective todevelop and nurture the inner self, Shamayita Math organizes spiritual discourses and seminars at differenttimes of the year. Spiritual classes are held on monthly basis in the main center at Bankura, Durgapur branchand Kolkata branch where issues like attainment of self-power,determination, etc. are discussed in small gatherings.

Annual Conference

The Annual conference is held every year in the month of November. This is the annual communion of the well-wishers of the Math.  The whole day is celebrated through different programs based on the spiritual development of the mind and awakening of the “Self”.

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This is an annual event to showcase the cultural talent development of the Shamayita Convent school and the children in the neighborhood of the Math.

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This is an annual cultural evening revolving around the awakening of the “Self” held in February.

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This is an annual cultural evening revolving around the awakening of the “Self” held in May in the city of Durgapur.

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This is the annual event to distribute clothes to the needy people. About 2000 recipients from nearby villages are given clothes on the occasion of DurgaPujo.

Annual Tribal Festival

Shamayita Math has been working for the socio-economic development of the tribal people. Apart from economic development Shamayita Math also takes the initiative topreserve & promote the tribal culture.

“Kherwal Tukou” is the annual tribal festival which is celebrated on 31st December and 1st January every year.

Started as a small congregation to mark the day when Prabhuji first visited the tribal village of “Sheulibona” – today this annual event is a communion of about 15000 tribal people fromdifferent parts of Bankura with open air community lunch.

Kherwal Tukou is a rich and grand mixture of cultural programs, community participation and sports that ends with a community lunch.

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