The Organisation

Shamayita Math is a women’s organization dedicated to serving the poor, underserved and the marginalized sections of the society. Established on 15th August 1996, the Math carries out social welfare activities in the areas of Education, Healthcare and Rural Development. It carries out its service activities not out of sympathy or compassion, but as love, acquired through realization.

Shamayita Math has deep experience in rural development having worked intensely and closely with the poorest of the poor to help achieve sustainable livelihood, in over 100 villages in the last 15 years.

The Math understands and through its activities touches all aspects of the life of rural poor from easy access to healthcare, access to quality education, agriculture development, animal husbandry, vocational training for income generation, formation and development of village self-help groups, empowerment of rural women through income generation avenues, rural entrepreneurship development and formation and strengthening of village development groups – so that working livelihood models created and set up by the Math are now owned and sustained by the community.

The healthcare activities of the Math have benefited over 150000 people from sections in the society which are used to not receiving any medical care.

In Education through formal and supplementary schooling the programs have benefitted over 1700 students this year. These students come from backgrounds where they are the first recipients of education in their family.

Shamayita Math carries out its own welfare programs and works with sponsor organizations looking at implementing their welfare programs. It has built a network of linkages with various central, state and private sector organisations - in the rural development ecosystem.  It has the experience of working with a large number of departments and agencies of state and central governments, private corporates and public sector undertakings in ensuring delivery of development services and benefits to the rural poor.


The organization is registered West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1967, under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961 and under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act.