Hospital Infrastructure

Jeevan Surya is emerging as a premiere health institution for the poor and disadvantaged in Gangajalghati block. Keeping in demand with the influx of poor patients and the pressing need for micro surgeries, the hospital structure was renovated and expanded in 2010. The clinic cum hospital, a double storied building encompasses a surgery unit with wards making it a 20 bedded hospital for post -operative case observations.

The two storied building of the hospital embodies:

• A surgery unit comprising of a surgeon room, sterilization room, observation room, and two operation theatres located in the upper section.

• 13 bedded ward, a 4 bedded cubicle and 3 cabins with a bed each

• Four chambers for doctors including one for residential medical officer,a staff room, a drug distribution counter, separate rooms for X ray, physiotherapy, reception counter, homeopathy, a waiting lounge for patients and a lobby.

The operation theatre is subdivided in two portions:

1. Major Operation Theatre

2. Eye Operation Theatre

Major Operation theatre is equipped with Autoclave, Shadowless Light, Boyle’s Apparatus, OT Bed, Sucker Machine, Oxywave, Diathermy Machine to operate on Appendicitis, Hernia, Hydrocyl , Tumour, Abcess, Stones in gall bladder and kidney. This operation theatre is also equipped to operate various ENT operations.

Ortho OT is equipped with Autoclave, Ortho bed, C-ARM Machine, Diathermy, Pulse Oxy meter, OT Light to operate Hemiarthoplasty, DSH, CHS, both bone fracture, Neck femur fracture, Trokentary fracture etc..

Eye Operation Theatre is equipped with Operating Microscope, Phaco Machine & cautery Machine.

Medical Staff

The Hospital has 20 visiting Doctors who dedicate their services for the poor people. The Hospital also has two residential medical officers who donate their services on a full time basis for care & treatment of Indoor patients.
The other staffs manning the hospital are one pathology technician, two lab assistants, six blood collectors, one X-ray Technician with one lady attendant, one physiotherapist with one lady attendant, one pharmacist with one assistant, one sister-in-charge, eight nursing staff, six trainee nursing staff, three Doctor’s attendants, five Group D staff, two Receptionist, two cashier, two office staff and one Accountant.