Aims and objectives of the Shamayita Convent School

Above is from the messages of the founder of the school

The Aims and Objectives of the Shamayita Convent School have come from this deep spiritual realization-

  • To imbibe the spirit of consciousness of the self from the very beginning in children.
  • To instill in the students the qualities of love, devotion, stability, determination, self-confidence, sincerity and patience.
  • To enable the students to lead a self-reliant life.
  • To invigorate the students to abide by the noble ideology in all spheres of life.
  • To arouse the spirit of sisterhood and motherhood in the students and help them to develop into an ideal woman.
  • To enable the blooming of the natural aptitudes in the child through extra-curricular activities.

This is an English medium school as English is the most widely accepted and used language in the world today. The installation of Western mode of thinking and adopting scientific methods of imparting education in this native village is really unique.

Students ina  science lab at the school-

From the annual exhibition of the school-

The aim of the Shamayita Convent School is to make the students modern, not in outward appearance, but in outlook and in heart.  The school emphasizes on the development of inner traits, aptitudes and potentialities of every student so that she can fight, tackle and overcome all the odds that come in her way of life.

The school will give to the society the wonderful gift of ideal mothers, daughters and sisters who are the embodiment of love, purity, bliss, knowledge, courage and self-reliance.

In the prevailing system of education, the emphasis is on science and literature. This is necessary, but does not constitute completeness in education. In dedicating the life for the welfare of the world, is the true mission of life.

This is the fulfillment of education and in it is the fulfillment of the Shamayita Convent School.