Marang Buru Schools

Marang Buru Group of Schools

With a view to provide education for children in the age group of 4-12 years, village learning centers have been setup at three villages. They have been named "Marang Buru Schools" after the deity in the villages.

When the first of these schools were started a few years back (in 2009) - they were on vary basic makeshift infrastructure. Since then today with the help of donors, volunteers and the village community, more permanent school buildings have come up on land donated by the villagers for this purpose.

Promising children from such schools are coopted into the full time Shamayita Convent School.

Currently there three "Marang Buru Schools" operational - at Dangapara, Sheulibona and Hanshpahari villages. The total enrolment is about 130 students in there three centers.

Education provided is based on the syllabus of West Bengal Primary Board.

Mid-day  meal  is  provided  to  the  students  of Marang  Buru  School  and  nutritious  tiffin  is provided  for  the  students  of   other  two schools  which  is  prepared  by  the  mothers grouped  into self help groups.

Each  of  the  schools  is  managed  by  four teachers.

Like  every  year  the  days  of   national  importance  were  celebrated  in  each  of  the schools  to  help students  gain  knowledge about  history  and  heritage  of  the  nation.

Here is the Marang Buru School - Hanspahari:

Below is the Marang Buru school at Sheulibona village:

Children with one of the esteemed donors:

Children celebrating Diwali at the school:

In the classroom:

Children of the school taken for  a picnic:

Volunteers from the "Friends of Shamayita Math" at the school