Vocational Training

Vocational Training is introduced to enhance livelihood opportunities of women who are at a disadvantageous position and have a scant exposure to technical skills and knowledge. The vocational training program for women aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among women.

Three vocational training centers have been set up at three villages. At these centers – tailoring is taught to tribal women.

Training is comprehensive and covers a vast range of topics like

  1. Measuring in inches / cms
  2. Use of scissors
  3. Familiarity with the parts of Sewing Machine
  4. Sewing Machine handling
  5. Paper cutting
  6. Repair work on old clothes
  7. Training on Katch button, hook eye and Turpai
  8. Sewing of the borders

The women who shied away earlier are developing interest in tailoring activities. The vocational training for women has spelt three benefits- 1) Opened scope of earning 2) Confidence for taking orders of villagers and sometimes suppliers 3)Reducing harassment of villagers who had to travel long distances on market days for stitching/tailoring clothes.

Significant achievements


  1. Women of the villages who had never seen a sewing machine earlier are taking up orders of stitching blouses in their own villages. This has instilled confidence in them. Villagers saved time and excess money that they have to pay for getting the blouse stitched in the market.
  2. The women have received orders from their village and nearby villages and their collective income raised to Rs. 1410.